Thursday, 21 February 2019

The School Picnic

The 2019 School Picnic may have been shorter that normal, but we didn't stop us having
 a great morning while the fine weather lasted!

A huge thank you to all for braving the weather and coming out for some fun!

International Students

On Friday we fare-welled 4 of our International Students...Frank, Tracy, Aries and James.

We were very lucky to receive lots of special presents as a thank you for their time with us.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Week Two!

Week 2

WALT organise our ideas in a plan before we write.
Our teachers read us a story called ‘Forgotten at the beach’. It was written from the perspective of a jandal that was forgotten.
We used this as our inspiration to write about some of the items that sometimes get forgotten at school.
Pencils, hats, rubbers, shoes!

Rowan's What, Where, Why and Emotions plan, and writing about Mrs Campbell's lost bag.

As a group we brainstormed how we want our teachers to let us know when are showing APPROPRIATE actions.


Dojo points
House points
Writing in our books
Say nice things to us
Stickers / prizes / certificates
Games outside
Email our parents

                We also thought about how they can help us when our actions are INAPPROPRIATE.

                  A quick drink
                  A quick lap around the field
                  Email our parents
                  Morning Tea/Lunchtime inside to think or have some space
                  Talk to us with a respectful voice (not loud)

                           Many of us showed RESILIENCE in the pool this week while practising our floating and different strokes. These aren’t always easy…

                          Ash demonstrated what great floating looks like. Phyllis had a beautiful backstroke technique.
                          Ash showing us how to float.

                          Phyllis showing us her backstroke.

                          We discussed what RESPONSIBILITIES we needed in LZ2 to help it to run effectively.
                          Then, we filled out job applications!

                          We had a football expert come and spend some time teaching us soccer skills too!

                          In maths we have started looking at Bar Graphs for Statistics.
                          We created a bar graph to show the different ethnicities in our maths classes.

                          Lastly, our VALUES certificates this week go to Mason P(Responsible), Marlo (Respectful) and Isla (Resilient)!

                          Monday, 11 February 2019

                          MEET THE TEACHER EVENING
                          Wednesday 20 FEBRUARY
                          5.00 – Mix and Mingle: Positive Learning For Behaviour – School values and school wide expectations
                          5.30– Learning Zone Visits

                          6.00 – Learning Zone Visits
                          WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!

                          Note: Camp parent meeting in LZ1 at 6.30pm

                          Saturday, 9 February 2019

                          WEEK ONE in LZ2

                          Week One may have been a short week, but we did a whole lot of learning! 

                          New teachers, new children, a new space, but … the same learning expectations!  This week we have spent time looking at what it means to be a RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and RESILIENT DFS learner!  

                          We did a lot of listening, a lot of sitting and a lot of remembering again!  As we come together as a new group of learners, we look forward to all that 2019 brings us!
                          We welcomed our new families and teachers with a powhiri.

                          Miss Harman's First Day! 
                          We spent time talking about our learning space and how we would like it to work for us. We have co-constructed expectations for sitting, moving around our space, eating times, bag hooks and belongings.

                          We took a 'closed eyes' vote on how we would like our
                          teachers to get our attention when we're working. We
                          decided that we would like them to just 'start talking' and
                          we would stop and listen because we would be focused on
                          our learning. This blew our teachers away!
                          We sorted scenarios into 'appropriate' and
                          'inappropriate' charts.

                          We have also begun to discuss VALUES. What values are, our personal values, our school values and the importance of these in everything we do as people and learners. Ms Ryder read us 'The Woven Flax Kete' which introduced personal values such as: Trust, Honesty, Leadership, Co-operation and Care. We each made our own kete, and will be placing values that are important to us in these next week. You can see our ketes on display on our 'ALL ABOUT US' wall in LZ2.


                          Congratulations to Anaruihi, Jack and Tyrese. They received our first 3 values certificates for the year at Friday's assembly. What an incredible start to the year!

                          The School Picnic

                          The 2019 School Picnic may have been shorter that normal, but we didn't stop us having  a great morning while the fine weather laste...