Sunday, 8 July 2018

Personification Writing

Our LZ2 learners have been using 'Personification' as a language feature to add interest to their writing. Personification gives human traits to objects to bring them to life. 

Below are some examples to enjoy.


The monster-like beast had finally awoken. He screamed with rage when the deadly lightening attacked him.The anger kept on building up until he couldn't hold on.
People screeched in terror trying to escape but the beast caught them before they could run.It’s powerful magma wrecking nature and history. It felt like it would never stop.The monstrous beast didn't stop.Instead it threw rocks wrecking lives of the people and destroying the things they have built. Wiping out families and rebuilding a new life at the same time.
Once again the lightning hit him.He couldn't take it anymore! He yelled cried and screamed for help but nobody came. He was all alone. Or was he? He looked up to the sky and cried these words: sorry sorry! I didn't mean to. The lightning wouldn't stop bugging me. So I couldn't control myself and now look what I have done! I have destroyed everything. He looked down again and heard a small voice:hey! Over here. When you destroyed everything you actually made something too. A little mini volcano to keep you company.
So together they watched the country regrow. Who was the history now? THE BEAST WAS!

By Ella W.

The cloud had pushed the volcano to its limit.
The volcano cried out molten lava.
The static lightning bolt reached out its hand to calm the beast.
But it was too late.
The lava was bursting out like a gushing cut from a moody teenager.

By Zac J

Personifiction- volcano
Image result for volcano pictures
As the volcano’s wart burst, the tiny horrified  rock climber's crawled up… THEY STOPPED… the Earth’s little hat descended out. Like a teacher on a Monday, there was no stopping this wild beast.
It’s slime sludged out like an out of control waterfall. NOTHING was holding it back. Fire was dancing in the shadows, ash was cascading out onto nearby buildings. The  intense pressure built, trees got knocked out by the sneezing magma, neon orange light bursting with unique colours.
The volcano was ALIVE!                                                      
By Luther

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Wednesday Talks - Week 3

On Wednesday afternoon 16.05.18, Mr. Hardy and Mrs. Cotter came to visit LZ2 for ‘Wednesday Talks’. Everybody huddled into the shared space and sat down. It was just like Q+A! The children were asking some questions to Mr. Hardy.

“What do you do for fun?” asked Zac.
“I have a small block of land with sheep,cattle,horses and I like to socialise with friends” answered Mr. Hardy.
We could all tell he was daydreaming about building. Too obvious!

“Where do you get the milk from?” questioned CJ.
“It gets delivered by the milkman once a week on Thursday” corrected Mr. Hardy. This was getting interesting.

“How do you unclog the toilet?” said Ben. The question was VERY odd. “With special tools”  Mr. Hardy told us.

“Have you always been a caretaker? What other jobs have you done?” asked Mia.
“Sales, building, selling cars/land - wide variety of things in my career,” announced Mr. Hardy.

Time was up. Mr Hardy had to leave to go and catch up on some work. Mrs. Cotter took over and started talking about her family being a fifth generation of coming to Dairy Flat School.

“When did you became a teacher and why did you choose this job?” asked Ella.
“I became a teacher in 1995 and I wanted to be a primary school teacher because I wanted to teach bigger kid’s,” explained Mrs. Cotter.

“What was the equipment like back then?” asked Luther. “There was a fort, monkey bars, and there was no plastic equipment,” said Mrs. Cotter.

“ What  did the school look like back in the old days?” Trystan asked.
“Exactly as it is on your shirts,” replied Mrs. Cotter.

“What year did your family come to this area and who else lived here?” asked Dafydd
“I’m not sure, 1836?” figured Mrs. Cotter.

Unfortunately, it was time for Mrs. Cotter to leave as the bell was about to go.
It was amazing that we all learnt so much!    

By Luther Marks and Ella Watson Krause.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Goodbye Mrs Birt ...

We wish you all the very best for your new adventures at your new school!  We are going to miss you and we have LOVED all the wonderful things you  have done for us and with us this term!

Love from Ms Ryder and her children :) xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Term 1 - 2018

We have had a great term of learning to date! 
Here are a few snippets of what we have been up to!
Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday with Mrs Birt

Monday, 18 September 2017

AG Day Indoor Criteria - LZ2 2017

Our criteria for AG Day this year has gone home with the students. If you need another copy, please click below :


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Homework Reward - Wheels DAY

HOMEWORK REWARD                
For those students who have worked on their homework all term.

Thursday 28th September, Week 10

Bring wheels, board games, sports equipment and have a fun day from 9.00am to 11.00am. All equipment to be taken to homeroom in the morning.
***Safety equipment compulsory if bringing wheels.***

(Check with your teacher if you are not sure if you have completed enough weeks of homework.)

Personification Writing

Our LZ2 learners have been using 'Personification' as a language feature to add interest to their writing. Personification gives hu...